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Werkgruppe Ludendorff - Werkgruppe Ludendorff

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WERKGRUPPE LUDENDORFF, named after a german bunkergroup from WWII, is a young, new german neofolk band that delivers one of the most stunnishing debuts of german neofolk-scene in years. The twelve songs of the album reveal an incredible compositorical maturity as well as great musical skills that could only be found in bands like Forseti, Dies Natalis or early Sonne Hagal. Lyricalwise WERKRGUPPE LUDENDORFF hold up the traditions and values which seem to be lost in modern society, just to name the love for home and nature in general as well as critical and open mind towards current social and political mindsets.
WERKGRUPPE LUDENDORFF will play their first concert on August 13th at the “Lichterklang”-festival.
The album will be released as a regular digipak as well as a limited edition box-set including 6 bonus-tracks and a patch. The artwork was created by Reiner Langer (www.reinerlanger.org).

1. Am Rhein
2. And The Sun Is Our Sign
3. Jesus
4. Jugend marschiert
5. The Blackbird
6. Vision
7. Ode To The Autumn
8. Krieg
9. Im Strom der Zeit
10. The Secret
11. Wandervogel
12. Die Sonne geht unter

bands: Werkgruppe Ludendorff
medium: CD

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