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IVAN THE TERRIBLE - "Tribute to the movie"

UFA/AMC,UFA70 2 CD, 6 sided digipack, lim 300 17.00euro
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IVAN THE TERRIBLE - "Tribute to the movie"
UFA/AMC,UFA70 2 CD, 6 sided digipack, lim 300

Bombastic martial/ Strange Neofolk / Weird electronic / Obscure ambient Ufa Muzak in cooperation with Anenerbe Music Club presents to all fans of epic, conceptual and electronic music this 2-CD album with a collection of tracks from bands from all around the world, dedicated to the film by Sergey Eisenstein "Ivan The Terrible" (1945-1958). Over 100 minutes of the most varied and interesting sonic palette present the contemporary soundtrack to the motion picture which is a milestone in historical cinema. Big and complex work which was never entirely finished (being shot during the World War II, 2nd part released many years after the first one, 3rd part remained only in screenplay, preliminary sketches and notes), containing mystical prophetic motives of the tragic role of the country at the crossroads of world history, offering most violent physical and moral ordeals. The very image of Ivan IV The Terrible, ruling Russia during 50 years in uneasy times, is very ambiguous and open for research, and at the same time it is a historical symbol of those times, inspiring not only science workers, but also artists to create works in honour of his name. Having this monumental picture created by the genious director, now the musicians make no less painstaking work to express the breath of those dark times, soaked in dissension, wars, tyranny, oprichnina and constant civil strifes. If you care about the history of Russia, history of cinema and its masterpieces, actual and thoughtful Industrial / Neo-Folk scene, be sure this album will bring a lot of pleasant surprises. The Word and the Deed. NOISES OF RUSSIA, AIN SOPH, L'EFFET C'EST MOI, TEATRO SATANICO, SCHRK, TSIDMZ, ZLYDOTA, LONSAI MAIKOV, PARZIVAL, DER ARBEITER, VIR', MOON FAR AWAY, NECROPHONIX, REL', BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK, NEVOD, ANENERBE MUSIC CLUB, SPECTRE
bands: Various Artist
label: UFA MUZAK
medium: CD
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