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MOLOCH - "Die Isolation"

Cold Spring Records CD 12.00euro
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A new opus comes from the woods of Carpathia. It is a despairing portrayal of the souls that are lost in the winter woods. Hypnotic sounds, like a thousand blades in a dance of a winter blizzard, leaving thousands of cuts digging into the body. Heart-rending screams of freezing flesh, summoning death, dissolving within echoes on the mountains. This album delivers cold, misanthropic and desolate mid-tempo, Nordic-influenced Black Metal, alongside melancholic Dark Ambient tracks. Crunchy distorted guitar minimalism, primal thrashing beats, and an overall raw necroish execution are reinforced by howling, tortured, grim vocals that recall the old Burzum era. For fans of Burzum, Striborg, Xasthur, Trist, Darkthrone.
Tracks: 1. Das Uralte verweilt dazwischen | 2. Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts | 3. Sterben unter der Blässe der Unvermeidlichkeit | 4. Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kälte der Apathie | 5. Wo der Winter unaufhörlich schlägt | 6. Das Leben ist wie ein verwundeter Vogel der langsam vom Himmel fällt | 7. Nebelwald | 8. E.Khu | 9. Abgrund meines Wesenz
bands: MOLOCH
label: Cold Spring Records
medium: CD
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