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Aura Shining Green - "The Green Man And The White Witch"

COD Noizes Releases 2 x CD 2016 13.00euro
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"Dreamy songs from the finnish master of fairy tales Joonatan Elokuu and his ""Aura Shining Green"" ensemble.
This Aura Shining Green conceptual retrospective is consist of three parts: ""The Green Man"", ""The White Witch"" and ""Garlic, Ginseng, Cranes and Masked Bears EP"".
EP is available only in the specially packed collectors edition with inserts limited to 60 copies worldwide (no trade, no wholesale)."    
Double CD in a jewel case with a full colours 8-pages booklet made of a rough offset paper limited to 440 copies worldwide.    
15.02.2016    2CDs limited to 440    new album    NEOFOLK / PSYCHEDELIC FOLK FOLK


bands: Aura Shining Green
label: COD Label
medium: CD
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