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After 2 outstanding releases on Rage in Eden, Steinklang is proud to present the third full lenght album from the French masters of Martial Neoclassics MARCH OF HEROES, who present us a superb opus fulfilled with finest Martial Industrial Music and a strong Neoclassical influence and well orchestrated soundtrack-like music. For this album, Romain L. has joined forces with Jim Breedveld (Staalkracht) and Mitchell Keepin to deliver one of the most powerfull and immersive albums of the genre. Going hand-in-hand with the musical elements of the second MARCH OF HEROES album, “La Chute” also uses some of the best elements developed in the first album. The new album is definitely one step above both parent albums, made to always remind the listener about the senseless violence and cruelty of war.

The album is also available in a very limited edition of 50 copies in a large wooden box with printed aluminium-plate on top, holding the album, a bonus CD with new and unreleased songs, a highest quality t-shirt and a Soviet flag.

Leur Terre, Leur Sang (except)
Du Sang sur mes Mains (except)
Les Derniers Jours (except)
bands: March of Heroes
label: Steinklang Industries
medium: CD
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