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VON THRONSTAHL - "Bellum, Sacrum Bellum!?"

Eternal Pride Productions digipack CD [re-edition] 13.00euro
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Eternal Pride Prod. present re-release the third and best album of band. Originally released in july 2003, "Bellum Sacrum Bellum" was the so far last official album by German Neo-classic act Von Thronstahl and was released more than 2 years after their latest release. The album is questioning the so called ‘just wars’ mentality of certain world leaders of these days and offers Von Thronstahl's usual mixture of neo-classical orchestrations and beat orientated bombast electro. CD is released in 6-pannel Digipak, with new design and golden panton.


medium: CD
label: Eternal Pride
bands: Von Thronsthal

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone - 2006 - Waroffice - Nota prawna