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Sangre de Muerdago - "Sangre de Muerdago"

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Sangre de Muerdago first album rereleased for the 10 Years Anniversary Tour of the band. CD edition comes in a 4 panel digisleeve with gold colour printing and a mini poster booklet, limited to 500 copies.
Sangre de Muerdago (Blood of the Mistletoe) is a darkfolk group from Gaelic Spain. The touching and contemplative music is summoning the woods spirits in the rays of a pale sun falling upon the leaves moved by whispering winds. Most songs are in Gaelic language with a male voice, partly accompanied by several voices as well as spanish guitar, cellos, flutes and ritual drumming. Both sweet and melancholic, Sangre de muerdago captures old spirits, familiar with old traditions buried in woods, forged in legends, forgotten beliefs and nature mysticisms.  
01 O Ceo Baixo Os Meus Pes   2:39
02 Vellos Caminos De Vellas Àrbores 4:53
03 Cara A Terras Lonxanas   3:17
04 Soños      3:23
05 Arrastrando As Cadeas   6:30
06 Onde As Almas Van A Morrer  6:14
07 Madeira De Teixo, Pedra De Castro 5:34
08 O Home Dos Cornos    2:24
09 Adeus Meus Amigos    5:42  
total playing time ca. 40:35 minutes
bands: Sangre de Muerdago
medium: CD

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