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Small Things On Sundays - "Fare Forward"

Frozen Light CD 2017, ltd. 300 10.00euro
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”Fare Forward” is the 12th album by Danish experimental / dark ambient duo Small Things On Sundays. Since the first release in 2010, they have investigated different musical directions (freestyle turntablism, noise, broken instruments, etc.). “Fare Forward” is Small Things On Sundays in dark ambient mode, which is the genre they have investigated the most. The release date, 5. February, in the coldest of winter, is very appropiate, as the atmospheres on the cd suggests a voyage on a frosty and foggy sea. The feeling of repetition and monotomy dissolves the sense of time and direction, as soundfragments flows by: a toiling ship in the mercy of the waves crashing, the clinging metal and distant radio. The music is pure sound and atmospheres, blurring the line between reality and dream state.
bands: Small Things On Sundays
label: Frozen Light
medium: CD

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