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! PARANOIA INDUCTA - "From the Depths"

Rage in Eden Records A5 digi CD 2017 13.00euro
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RAGE117 PARANOIA INDUCTA "From the Depths" A5 digi CD 2017

„From the Depths” spontaneously closed formed earlier trilogy („Evil Angel”. „Maze of Death” and „From the Depths”). This is the story about loss, loneliness, despair and lack of hope. Here we have next 60 minutes filled with resignation, sadness and the pain of existence. If you are too emotional or sensitive just do not reach for this album…It can cause severe depression…



  1. Desolation Zone
  2. Today We Will All Die
  3. Whispers And Cogs
  4. And Soon The Darkness
  5. From The Dephts
  6. The Noonday Demon
  7. Sanctuary Of Madness
  8. Witchtrap
  9. Im Just Pain
  10. Childern of Saturn
  11. My Own Prugatory
  12. Shadow People
  13. Near-Death Experience
  14. Locked-in Syndrome
bands: Paranoia Inducta
label: - Rage in Eden Records
medium: CD
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