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GHERZEN - "1917"

COD Music CD 2016 12.00euro
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The flame of discord devours human destiny. Scythe of the civil war satisfies death hunger, not skipping a single family. The year 1917 had plunged Russia in bloodshed and destruction for a long time and it led to the collapse of the age-old way of life, traditions and practices.

In the debut album, the group Gherzen is not trying to find who was right and who is wrong. The tragedy of the common man and the entire nation together with him and is at the forefront here. Echoes of those fierce days resound in monumental atmospheric Black Metal inspired by the classic works of Burzum and Drudkh.

COD label presents the profound debut album of the new project of Elderwind member in the new release of COD music.

Album released in CD format in jewel case with 16 pages booklet made of the rough offset paper.


released October 27, 2016
bands: GHERZEN
label: COD Label
medium: CD

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