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ROZZ WILLIAMS & GITANE DEMONE - Dream Home Heartache (revised)

Dark Vinyl CD 12.00euro
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label: Dark Vinyl ; repressing, lim 500 copies
deleted since more then 10 years ; now re-released in the re-mastered version with 1 Bonustrack ( "Manic Depression II");
Considered to be one of the founding forefathers of the Gothic Movement ROZZ WILLIAMS had in fact made a wide variety of stylistic musical moves throughout his impressive career until he died in 1998. Emerging from the wreckage of CHRISTIAN DEATH, he went on to form industrial pioneers PREMATURE EJACULATION and the more conventionally gothic SHADOW PROJECT. GITANE DEMONE joined Christian Death with Rozz Williams from 1983-1989 and went from that time her own way with different solo projects.
DREAM HOME HEARTACHE is by far the most impressive work by Gitane Demone and Rozz Williams.
Feeling that their past work - particularly with Christian Death - has bound them in gothic straight-jacket, GITANE and ROZZ felt the need to expand that time . The result was "Dream Home heartache" , an breathtaking album with melancholy ballads, piano and a very smoothy & jazzy atmosphere. Produced by Ken Thomas.
(Tracklist : In every Dreamhome a Heartache / These vulnerable Eyes / The Pope`s Egg Hat / Manic Depression / Flowers / A World Apart / Moon without a tear / Dream Home Heartache reprise / Manic Depression II )
bands: Rozz Wiliams&Gitane Demone
label: Dark Vinyl
medium: CD

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