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BLACKHOUSE "Live In Leipzig"

Dark Vinyl CD 12.75euro
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BLACKHOUSE are the grandfathers of Industrial and as most fans still say: the tracks from their first 3 albums are their best tracks ever…and here you can find the best on one record. After 31 years BLACKHOUSE live world premiere took place in Leipzig 2015.   
all songs direct from the mixing board.  

The Blackhouse Hum / Five Minutes after I Die / Marsh Power Plant / Answers for You / Speaking in Tongues / #11 / The Mercy Seat / The 2 Classes of People / Pro-Life / Cheers Reign Down On Jonny
plus 5 Extra Tracks: Be Good! / Whispers of Love / Remember Who Took The Falkl / Repent! / Totally Gone

label: Dark Vinyl
medium: CD

Wszelkie prawa zastrze┼╝one - 2006 - Waroffice - Nota prawna