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MZ. 412 - "Domine Rex Inferum"

Cold Spring Records digiCD 12.00euro
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Reissue of MZ. 412's 2001 Satanic masterpiece! The inventors of Black Industrial take you on a misanthropic journey through a claustrophobic vortex, filled with sinister dark ambient and threatening Industrial atmospheres. "Domine Rex Inferum" is a less noisy affair than previous MZ. 412 albums, maintaining lower frequencies for a more intimidating experience.

Originally limited to 2000 copies, now carefully remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks in a matt digipak with spot varnishing.

Track listing:

1. Invok: Satha 412.71
2. Uhk Khatark
3. Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2:1
4. Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2:2
5. Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2:3
6. Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2:4
7. Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2:5
8. Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2:6
9. Komuni: Disciple 824.9 KX
10. Sekarth Una Nejad
bands: MZ.412
label: Cold Spring Records
medium: CD

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