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JÄÄPORTIT - "Jääportit"

Epidemie Records digiCD lim. 300 12.00euro
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Dark and frostbitten melancholic music, embracing electronics and ambient guitar composition, hailing from Northern Finland.

Ltd. edition of 300 copies in hand numbered 6 panels digipacks.

Talentated Finnish composer Tuomas M. Mäkelä, who is hidden behind a mysterious name JÄÄPORTIT, brought his ambient project into being in 1997. His creation can be described as dreamlike and melancholic, evoking atmosphere of abandonned freezy Nordic landscape. Musical expression of the project moved from clearly ambient to much more colourful and absorbed elements of many assorted styles, especially of post rock and subtle Nordic electronics.

medium: CD
label: Epidemie Records
bands: Jaaportit
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