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Black Front - “We march”

Corvus Records 12″vinyl 15.00euro
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Four track vinyl. It has been 2 years since Black Front released their first full lenght album, “The Forgotten.” During these 2 years the world contiued on its path to become an even more violent place where people are killed in large numbers at one time .On A side you can hear anthem-like track “Death march”. The band uses the term ‘Death March’ (i.e. making a group of people walk until they die,) as in Armenian Genocide, as a metaphor for what is happening today. Devastating and hopeless cry of a soul on a death march. To the end of he world. The music is slow, heavy repeating solid riff and march-like machine drumming. The second song is called “ Black heart and red sky” it is an ode to one of our favourite movies, Milcho Manchevski’s “Before The Rain” and perhaps to our Balkan roots, bringing the theme of forced departure full circle. On B-side you can hear 2 remixes-the first one is done by ambient artist called Mytrip-and is based on “Death march” track. Haunting and scary, while the second one is titled “180 degrees” by dark ambient artist SHRINE (remix of the first song “90 degrees” from the debut album of Black Front.) has more ambient feeling. This printed as a picture disc on heavyweight vinyl with sound mastered my J.Plotkin (O.L.D.) will give you the right mood. March on!
medium: Vinyl
label: Corvus Records
bands: Black Front

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone - 2006 - Waroffice - Nota prawna