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DAY BEFORE US - "Nihil Interit" CD 2016

  1. Saint of grief
  2. Vigils of time
  3. Per aspera ad astra
  4. Zatvornik
  5. L’aile du soir
  6. In igne purgatorio
  7. Nihil interit

Day Before Us is an ethereal and dark ambient music act formed by Philippe Blache and whose trajectory has involved working across lyrical sound poetry and scores for art events as well as film experiments. The project is notably recognized for its releases published by Rage in Eden, Twilight Records and Opn Records. The emotional content of this new album emphasizes moments of blurry sadness, intimacy, sacrality and evocativeness while the stylistical shape carries on a musical dynamic between atmospheric sound minimalism, brightly devotional then classical singing qualities, orchestrally cinematic harmonies and brooding tones.

The beautiful photographic scenes of ruinscapes and the name of the album refer to feelings and visions related to an aestheticized « romance of decay », maintaining a symbolical meaning of the past in the present.

video 1 - Day Before Us - Nihil Interit, Depicted Chronicle (excerpts)

video 2 - Day Before Us - Per aspera ad astra





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